Thank you to everyone who has offered to support Canoe 22! We are now done accepting new volunteers as we are just days away from the event opening! 


If you missed the chance to get involved, make sure you still come out to watch the races, enjoy the festival, and support the community!


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Volunteer Handbook

With the event fast approaching and training on the horizon, we are excited to share with you the Canoe ‘22 Volunteer Handbook: your guide for all things volunteering and event time! Please take the time to review the Handbook and forward any questions to volunteer@canoe22.com!

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Volunteer Roles

Competition: The Competition Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of all sport-specific aspects of the event. This committee assists ICF staff and officials in assuring fair, world class competition across the race schedule.

Officials: Working to service International Technical Officials and National Technical Officials to create and maintain a fair competition experience for all athletes up to an international standard. 

Equipment: Providing and maintaining all sport-specific equipment. Assisting officials and ICF staff in remedying equipment issues that may arise during the event. 

Doping Control: Assisting CCES staff and volunteers in their duties as they relate to athlete interaction and the collection of athlete samples. 

Technology: Working to set up and maintain all sport-specific technology requirements to an international standard. Working with ICF partner “Memosoft” in providing sports timing and race management technical services. 

Safety / Medical: Providing athletes with safety and medical services at all times during the event while on-site, both on and off water, including on-water safety boats, emergency medical services, first aid and physiotherapy services for injured athletes.


The Festival Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the exciting street festival that accompanies C’22’s race schedule. This committee is community and spectator focused, with the goal creating an inclusive and entertaining environment to a wide range of community members. 

Opening / Closing Ceremonies: Planning and running the opening and closing ceremonies, which include performances, flag ceremonies, speeches and protocol elements of the event. 

Medal Presentations: Providing medal-winning athletes with an unforgettable experience as they accept their medals. Preparing athletes, flags and medals for the ceremony and ensuring each ceremony runs according to schedule. 

Food / Beverage: Servicing spectators through a variety of food and beverage vendors. Ensuring vendor compliance with C’22 rules. Working with beverage partners.

Concerts: The festival will include three nights of concerts, highlighting regional talent across multiple genres. The concerts will take place in the evenings and will be a centrepiece of the spectator experience. Volunteers will perform various functions in servicing performers and ensuring the site is prepared for concerts.

Vendors: The festival will include many vendors, both local and international. Volunteers will assist vendors with their setup and event-day needs as they work to service spectators.


The Operations Committee involves a lot of items that are surrounding the day of an athlete and the logistical factors of ensuring the service to the federations is enjoyable. Working with this committee can include;

Technology: Hardware is crucial in ensuring everyone has all the proper supporting pieces in getting their job done. We will be creating a team to be responsible for technology services to the volunteers and assisting them in an event that a volunteer would need technology aid. Transportation: Working within the logistics of transporting the user groups who will be granted this service. Communicating with the bus drivers and cargo vans we will be utilizing. As well as, navigating individuals to the parking areas we currently will have access to around the lake. 

Food Services: Operations committee will be holding two types of food services for the athletes and their supporting staff. Volunteers will be necessary when it comes to food distribution, monitoring grazing items and ensuring that lounging and meal areas do not go over capacity. 

Accommodations: Dalhousie and multiple hotels in the HRM region will be utilized to facilitate everyone who has booked their accommodations services through our logistics provider Tournkey. Volunteers will be able to guide those travelling within the city at their destinations and work alongside transportation. These volunteers are crucial with their knowledge and available ready assistance in ensuring athletes know where they are going and resolve any issues that can come up. 

Sustainability: Our sustainable development goals are floating in different boats within the event. We will be required to have volunteers conducting surveys to collect information for our sustainability data, as well as, having support for our waste management provider ReGroup and ensuring that the venue is always pretty and making sure that every item is disposed properly. 

Athlete Accreditation: The hub and resolution throughout the entirety of the event will be coordinated within the accreditation hub at Oakwood house. The accreditation centre will provide all accreditations, support documents and work alongside the competition committee in supporting the athletes. 

Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Committee involves the heart of the event which will be working with the volunteers and their surrounding responsibilities. Working with this committee can include;

Volunteer Accreditation: Working with coordinators in printing accreditations and capturing images of volunteers who need to be registered before or throughout the event. 

Food Services: Monitoring the food service being provided to volunteers in particular, which will be offered at the volunteer centre on the site. 

Country Liaison and Interpreters: Having a high skill in being able to assist a team with the knowledge you may have to date. Working alongside them and communicating their needs to the Canoe ‘22 representative that will be easily accessible in identifying federation support. 

Uniforms and Clothing: Having the inventory of the clothing apparel for all volunteers and aiding in the distribution of the clothing items to the volunteers, ensuring that when they come to the information desk they are dressed accordingly. 

Marketing: Responsible for assisting in hanging and installing event signage around the venue. Collecting photos and video to share over social media of the event experience.

Media: Hosting the international and local media within the Media Centre. Supporting sharing results, sharing athlete, and event information and assisting them with the facility and check in.


Security: Providing security services to ensure the safety of all event participants. Ensuring attendees have the proper accreditation to enter various areas. Identifying and mitigating security concerns.

Tenting: Assisting C’22 partner Glow Parties with the planning and execution of our tenting plan which provides rest areas for all athletes in addition to various functional zones. Responding to federation needs. 

Power: Providing power to all areas of the event and ensuring the safety of electrical setups. Working with Halifax to ensure all safety specifications are met. 

Wifi: Supporting C’22 partner Bell in their setup and upkeep of the event’s wide-reaching internet infrastructure. 

VIP Services: VIP hosting in the VIP Lounge and special evening events. Welcoming guests and ensuring that they have been cared for. Assisting with ensuring the lounge stays tidy and there are snacks and food available for guests.